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Thoughts Create Reality.

To inspire and empower the next generations for a greater community.

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Pensacola’s Forgotten Youth

Following an up coming professional, who happens to love skateboarding, and his quest to build a skate plaza in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida. A large demographic is being overlooked while many public parks are scattered throughout the growing community. Forgotten Youth follows Jon’s journey from conception, to meeting with fellow skateboarders, and sharing his ideas with local business leaders around the city as he begins to make this dream a reality.


In the spring of 2015, Upward Intuition was created with the purpose of facilitating positive change in Pensacola. The three-word phrase that we center our work upon is simple: Thoughts Create Reality. By staying focused on this notion we have gained great support for our initial project, the construction of a multi-use community plaza in memory of Blake Doyle.

Taking the time to assess the needs of our community, led us to the realization that there is a great need for a bridge between the young innovative people with great ideas, and the local leaders who have the ability to help effect change. Today’s youth are important; they are our future, and should be part of a vibrant and growing Pensacola. We constantly strive to lead by example in an effort to inspire and empower them to live with a sense of purpose, and to show the value of giving back the community. Through youth-driven programs we provide opportunities for young people to make good decisions. They are encouraged to be innovators by identifying problems and crafting solutions, and we support their goals by offering them ways to become involved in projects with lasting significance.

Upward Intuition is committed to creating positive change in Pensacola and we greatly value the support of those who share our vision. With openness to new ideas, effective partnerships, and collaborations with community stakeholders, we are confident in our city’s future as we act today to make a difference.

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in loving memory

Blake Austin Doyle


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