A little over a year ago, the passion, progression and creativity level was at an all time high at “the farm” located in Groveland, FL. The farm was the type of place where you go to spend an afternoon and end up staying for a week. There was a certain energy about the place that felt magical. If we had a cool idea, we just did it. Everyone was excited to get dirty and put in crazy amounts of work for the cause. That cause being a little thing we enjoy doing called wakeskating. Continue reading

Pensacola’s Forgotten Youth (Part 1)

The City of Pensacola has come a LONG way in the last five years. We’ve moved the wastewater plant away from downtown, have a beautiful Maritime Park with a professional baseball team, and there’s always something interesting to get into on South Palafox. Did I mention the beach? I seriously love living here.

I’m so appreciative of the people who have recognized Pensacola’s potential and continue to invest in our community. Not only visionaries like Quint Studer, Collier Merrill, Ashton Hayward and Robert Rinke but also the small business owners and young professionals who are the heartbeat of the upward movement. I see you and thank you! Continue reading